Pattern Pulp

Manipulations in Advertising

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While flipping through British Vogue on my flight back to New York yesterday, the ads were plentiful. The September Issue’s out and prefall’s on display, along with rectangular manipulations and collaged scale. MAC’s amplification of the lash, Vivienne Westwood’s Gold Label as realized through white paint, long braids and lush leaves, and Missoni’s set within a set all play with scale, collage and perspective. If we were to make an art-related comparison, this print series is a visual tie back to Daniel & Geo Fuchs’ STASI – Secret Rooms featured in  Aperture Magazine (from a few years back). The comparison’s purely visual, though the idea of interrogation, memory and narrative are uncomfortable topics worth exploring that harness history, location and human indecency. Heavy topics to parallel print ads, but oddly relevant.


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