Pattern Pulp

Kaleidoscopic Styles on Film

Have you heard of Matt Sundin? This film is a delicate window into his artistic style. Sundin shoots video while simultaneously shooting stills. The results are soulful and the emerging and disappearing shapes speak to the ever-present kaleidoscopic theme that’s been a fashion mainstay over the past year. Camille Mervin-Leroy is the star and the styling is by Meagan Camp.

After watching Gia Coppola‘s presentation a month ago, and Barney’s autobiographical model stories a month before that, it really got me thinking about film, and the soulful narrative it should emit. I realize this is an obvious point, though when you think of fast fashion and consumerism, there’s often a mental roadblock. In the age of social media where bloggers and click-through rates rule, the industry grips to the most shareable, trend-worthy topics: internet memes and viral pop songs. This piece is a nice reminder that an abstract, artistic work can make a similarly strong impression.

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