Pattern Pulp

Homegoods: Forest Tales


There’s nothing more symbolic of the February winter slump than bare trees silhouetted by dusk.  Designers from nearly every home goods and accessory category have infused their direction into this trend, moving away from the cozy appeal of eco-friendly design.  Tuleh’s S/S09 patterns possess a whimsical stillness that alludes to natural transition.  Flora detailing can also be found on glass plates sold at Lancelotti Housewares in downtown Manhattan.  Each plate is an interactive experience for both the chef and the diner, as the transparent canvas provides a scenic backdrop for every meal.


Embracing tonal medleys, Forest Tales speaks to a darker feminine side of contrasts.  Selfridges of London sells pillows with sunrise/sunset references.  Using only a narrow silhouette and silver embossing, this metallic leather-bound notebook from ABC Carpet is both bold and simple.  Continuing to veer from prim and proper, this Black Forest China collection from Germany caters to the Tiffany-hating types, an under appreciated niche.  Armani Code combines transparency, gradients and nature to produce elegant, sultry packaging for it’s latest signature fragrance.

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