Pattern Pulp

Gifts: Marking Your Territory


It’s always a little tough finding gifts that are foolproof.  Unless instructed otherwise, I always try to go the creative route, as I love initiating artistic moments.  While at the home goods concept store, Future Perfect, in Williamsburg this past weekend, I stopped in my tracks at these ingenious crayon rings.  The chic pyramids come in a playful palette of primaries and can be coordinated with any wardrobe.  Doodling on the go just got more fashionable.


If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to DIY fashion, check out Wishing Fish’s T-Shirt Graffiti, as it’s under $10 and a perfectly sensible gift for any child (or adult).  If you’re aiming for personable luxury, Longchanp offers a blank canvas for their signature Le Pilage bag, though I’d be worried about making a mistake with every mark!

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