Pattern Pulp

Getting Expressive & Colorful

Expressive and Colorful_Patternpulp

At a quick glance, these works seem inline with one another. They’re expressive/perfect messes, fit within the confines of crisp design and modern layout. The balance feels forward, yet nostalgic, reminding us of our youth. Remember the time when line drawings, finger paintings and a simple please and thank you, were the only things expected of us?

Whether we’re trying to emulate art from childhood or simply  finding inspiration in it, it’s a style I admire and enjoy. This men’s shirt is a collaboration between New York artist, Robin Cameron and Études Studio. This book is a parent’s personal project, compiling and archiving their child’s artwork. Both are beautifully executed and a reminder of the uninhibited markings of youth. What do you think?


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