Pattern Pulp

Food: Perishable Marketing


In another lifetime I’d be designing window displays.  Not the corporate-sheik windows that come in a box over from China, but the ad hock masterpieces that merge high-end concepts with low budget materials.  One of the cheapest tools designers can use to showcase their ideas is perishable foods.  A mass market example of this can be found in M&M Premiums latest advertising efforts, where monochromatic sculptures reveal the latest flavors. Combining everyday materials for a more permanent display, Anthropologie sews bread loaves together with red shoe string to convey fashionable kitchenware in their Fifth Ave location.  


Continuing with the bread theme, Anthropologie creates a splash of texture contrasts, spiraling doughy slices against the back wall.  The resulting sun motifs are as clever as they are creative. Even Simon Doonan, Barney’s famed Window Dresser agrees to using perishable foods, vowing that this trick of the trade is as crucial as it is humorous in his book entitled, Confessions of a Window Dresser.

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