Pattern Pulp

Follow up: Haute and Hebraic


Having graphic design roots, I’m naturally drawn to typographic patterns.  From Visa’s go campaign to Adelaide’s West Village furniture selection to Ross Menuez’s summer ’09 dresses, it seems as though artists from all over the world are proudly showcasing their language of choice. Today’s post highlights the work of Adam Courtney, the photographer who shot this intricate and incredibly cool shirt. While there’s a possibility that this Hebraic adaptation ventures into sacrilegious territory, I’m curious what text was chosen and feel it’s important to note the commercialization of the Torah’s holy scriptures. Nothing’s off limits these days, and line-blurring across categories will most likely continue as artists use the internet to share and distribute content.

chai-shirt-patternpulp copy

Lest we forget the ladies! This ‘To Life’ blouse from Built By Wendy merges Chinese style hebrew characters with hipster chic for a modern take on Jewish fashion.

Image sent by: Lauren Epstein

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