Pattern Pulp

Follow-up: Diamonds are Forever Changing


Diamonds in their purest form have remained desirable for centuries. From King Louis XIV of France to today’s modern bride, this gem signifies wealth, status and emotional commitment– three things that drive fashion and marketing teams crazy. Back in June, we covered global diamond patterns, as they were surfacing, and are now adding a few more to the bunch. Phillip Lim uses photo-realism in his bejeweled tank top while Rachel Roy simulates sparkle with cross-hatched slots on a quilted purse. Mimicking this concept with glass, Michael Kors references Hollywood glam with his new fragrance, Very Hollywood.


Additionally, many designers seem to be moving away from the traditional pyramid silhouette that we’re all accustomed to seeing. From Clé De Peau‘s eye shadow to Marc Jacob’s earrings on the cover of the New York Times’ Style Magazine, to Diane Von Furstenburg and H.Stern’s latest watch collaboration, we’re curious to see where else these minimalist shapes will surface.

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