Pattern Pulp

Fashion: Text Heavy Threads


Is a picture still worth a thousand words if it’s a literal reproduction of organized type? While perusing the spring collections at Barneys and Blue and Cream last week, Vena Cava‘s heiroglyphics dress made a few notable uptown and downtown appearances.  For well established brands, this feat is a walk in the park, though it’s notable to highlight the versatility of this young American label, particularly when company buyers have clamped down on their retail collections.  Applying similar typographic methods, Ross Menuez, the founder of Salvor Projects, incorporates digitized text to create a vertical ticker of information.  This gray on gray stream of characters is a subtle reminder of the communication chaos that’s circling us on a 24 hour basis.


This vintage m ss ngp eces video highlights Menuez’s creative process, an interesting watch with timeless appeal- one of many captivating shorts produced by Cool Hunting.

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