Pattern Pulp

Fashion: Bold and Optimistic?


Diane Von Furstenberg’s latest window display showcases mismatched patterns and fabric textures throughout her dress and bag collections.  Referencing bright and iconic summer shapes, reminiscent of j.crew flip flops and Tory Burch tunics, DVF’s approach to the upcoming season is blaringly optimistic.  That being said, I’d be curious to see how the recession translates into next year’s spring/summer collection, as today’s economical dip was hardly a factor when these ensembles were designed over a year ago.

L.A. Styles


While in Silverlake last month, I stumbled across Sally Bartz’s collection of handbags under her newly founded company, Halsea.  Inspired by west coast colors and summer icons, Bartz’s crab monograms and bamboo squares decorate luggage, tote and weekend bags, providing a breath of fresh air from LA’s hipster styles.

London Styles


UK designer, Peter Jensen has a playful eeriness to his work.  While he’s an acquired taste for some, his playful pairing of graphics and tailoring requires introspective buying on the customer’s part. This parrot pattern is representative of Jensen’s homage to the animal kingdom.  Carl M. Wellman infuses Brazilian, Italian, English and Japanese floral themes with biodegradable packaging for Le Marchand Du Cacao.  A stunning combination of high and low materials.

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