Pattern Pulp

Fashion: African Kimonos

Our collective fascination with culture crossing is nothing new, though every now and then it’s important to sit up and take note of new projects. Serge Mouangue is an artist worthy of this attention, as proven by his Wafrica collection, a breathtaking cultural shakeup. This styled photoshoot combines the strength of bold and bright African textiles with the grace of the traditional Japanese Kimono. Strength and grace. Two contrasts united in women. They may appear different on the surface but they do share some cultural similarities. Both societies are very tribal and have a respect for hierarchy and an appreciation of the power of silence,” says Mouangue when asked about the theme of this project. “And then there are the differences. In Japan there is no improvisation. Here, improvisation can mean trouble, shame, difficulties. But in Africa, it means life, renewal, health and spirit.”

Coverage by: Emily Gup

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