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Book Review: Pattern Magic

If you’re interested in fashion design, at some point you’ve probably pulled apart clothing from a fancy department store trying to figure out how it was made. Once you start to understand the fascinating process of pattern making, all the separate pieces required to create a garment start to make sense.

You can look at a piece of clothing and mentally visualize how it was created. Sometimes, though, even the best pattern makers are stumped by fantastical avant-garde manipulations. This is where Pattern Magic can give you a hand. Created by Tomoko Nakamichi, a professor at Japan’s Bunka Fashion College, the book has gained a cult following with its detailed instructions on how to create extremely intimidating designs.

Whether you’re interested in the technical processes or simply getting a glimpse at the “magic” behind some mind-bending designs, this book is sure to be a treasured piece for any fashion devotee, especially now that its being produced in English.

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