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Book Review: Fashion Futures

Nowadays, the fashion engine is moving forward at a faster pace than ever before, with advancing technologies and new materials reinventing clothing as we know it. You may not realize, but the technology that goes into the design process – from textiles to construction – has been steadily evolving at impressive rates so that the “future” we envisioned has arrived – and it’s only getting more inventive.

Fashion Futures explores the surprising sources that inspire futuristic garment design such as: biological science, climate change, space suits, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and nanotechnology. Offering up a fascinating survey of these new directions, Fashion Futures charts the transformational products, design processes, maverick materials and groundbreaking practitioners that are revolutionizing the industry.

Design expert and author Bradley Quinn also explores radical retail operations, forecasting and its relationship with other disciplines. Featuring inspirational interviews, design illustrations and prototypes, this read’s educational and thought-provoking for any fashion enthusiast.

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