Pattern Pulp

Art: Wave Interpretations


Reinterpretations of the wave are the norm every summer season, so in honor of the weather, we’re highlighting four artists and their unique approach to the surf.  Caitlin Hinshelwood, a textile designer and illustrator from the UK, explores nautical themes ranging from anchors and Hokusai-like waves to sea urchins and starfish in her 2D gouache creations. Riding a massive wave of foam (and irony), our hairy meets hip favorite, Alexandra Cassaniti, introduces her summer catalog, Summer Bummer, with a colossal, hovering, tooth-like swell.  Moving into the literary corner, Tamara Shopsin, a frequent illustrator for The New York Times, communicates political content using a googly-eyed shark fin in her effort to convey the art of political distraction. Using a similar blue and white palette, Geoff McFetridge expresses surf etiquette with his marker drawing, Your Wave, My Wave.

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