Pattern Pulp

Accessories: Merging Fashion & Interiors


You know when you’re amped about something and your significant other doesn’t necessarily share your excitement? I wouldn’t go so far as to say that’s’ the case with patterns and textures, but when my husband sends me a link, I take note, as he normally goes about his day finding joy and interest in complete opposite stratospheres.

This morning he shared a link to Ten & Co‘s recent line of Oxfords from Cool Hunting. We both have a personal interest in Turkish and Moroccan rugs- as we’ve recently purchased several Kilims off of ebay. They’re vintage, varied and colorful, just like these shoes. While I’m not sure if the referral was a direct correlation to our interior travails or that he just really like them, the line’s a beautiful and unisex translation of an interior style that’s been popular for a while. Enjoy!


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