Pattern Pulp

Accessories: Hairy meets Hip


The laptop-toting demographic is continually on the rise.  Be it transient students, workers on the move or nerd-afficinados, anyone bringing their computer from point A to B has a few basic needs.  Alexandra Cassaniti understands this.  She gets an A+ for combining upscale efficiency with snarky wit.  Who else could create a pattern resembling overgrown stubble and seal it with leather trim (and a hidden smile)?  This ballsy American designer trusts her gut, producing quirky functional style that’s both tech friendly and fashion forward.


Robin Cameron’s art reveals a thoughtful parallel to Cassaniti’s textiles.  Distractions, Cameron’s latest collection of whimsical graphite drawings are part of a zine she has been creating over the past few months.  Inspired by movement, contrast and the human condition, Cameron’s analytical approach to her line work is both intricate and stunning.

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