New York: Recreating Toile de Jouy

Event Date: 7 - 17, 2011

Beth Katleman is fascinated with 18th century wall coverings, particularly the Toile de Jouy variety. Everyone who’s seen these French scenes are aware that peasants are organized in surreal positions, cavorting in bucolic floral landscapes. Interestingly, everything floats, disembodied and without gravity.

Katleman interprets these designs using white sculptural tableaus. Hovering above a turquoise wall, she creates 3D porcelain “wallpaper.” Her process involves scouring flea markets for trinkets that “are pining for a grander existence” and then casting them in the luxurious, refined porcelain. The results are a fascinating exploration of consumption, crafts and dark humor. For more info, click here.

Greenwich House, Inc.
224 West 30th Street, Suite 302
New York, NY 10001

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