Pattern Pulp

Start Creating Patterns: Your First Exercise


Pattern Studio is divided into sections – experimental mark making, workbook prompts and an artist resource library. The section pictured above is all about rolling your sleeves up, getting off of your phone, and exploring your surroundings with a new set of eyes and a mark-making tool in hand.


Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some prompts on Pattern Pulp’s design feed. Today we’ll kick off with this early morning exercise:

Every time you take a shower, new condensation patterns appear in the form of drips and droplets on the bathroom tiles and door. Once you’ve dried off, grab your camera and snap a shot before it fogs up and evaporates. Copy the intricate pattern onto a piece of paper – or into your Pattern Studio book.

Once you’re done, we’d love to see it! Take a picture and share it with us on instagram via #mypatternstudio!


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