Pattern Pulp

Coworking, Kickstarter & Makeshift

I was in San Francisco earlier this summer for precisely one day. The morning I arrived, I tweeted that I’d love to meet anyone who was around and available for coffee. Minutes later, the internet worked it’s magic, and before I knew it, I had a full day of meetings with fellow creatives and friends of Pattern Pulp. Pretty awesome…especially coming from New York where you make plans two weeks in advance and still move the date the day before.

I kicked off the afternoon at Makeshift – a place I’d heard about countless times, via Grace Bonney, Janette Crawford, Lisa Congdon and Rena Tom (one of the spearheading co-founders). It was very much a DIY creative oasis and incredibly special in it’s coworking purpose. I had immediate admiration of the layout, the decor and the community…even a hint of jealousy that the west coasters had a jewel of a space to collaborate, toss ideas around and share small business knowhow.

Fast forward 6 months and it looks like Williamsburg’s getting it’s very own version! How do I know? I was a part of the Kickstarter/Makeshift shoot last month, and got to mingle, craft and share a beer with Rena’s incredible (and tall) team of supporters as we set up shop for the afternoon. I brought some Role Modoll prototypes, a color forecasting card and talked sampling with Amy Azzarito while the Wild Combination team worked their magic.

The prizes are fabulous- hello – for $250, Julia Rothman will incorporate your face into the wallpaper…so very cool…and for $50, you’ll get an equally impressive print, by the talented Kate Bingaman. Spaces like this are important for the neighborhood and community at large. The goal’s $30,000 and will cover the cost of the library, which will be filled with video cameras, lighting equipment, sewing machines, and the like. If you can donate, go ahead, and make your mark.


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