Pattern Pulp

Safer Streets + Graphic Design


It’s been a while since we last posted and I’ve been thinking a lot about what best represents the present and the future. Do I share imagery from a recent trip to Sydney and Tokyo? Do I talk about the US election? Do I continue posting Pattern Studio artist features? It’s an interesting spot – deciding what to break the silence with when you’ve gone a while without publishing.

In reality, all of these topics have merit. Though, I’d like to jump back in by highlighting a positive and action-oriented move that’s changing lives for the better. In an effort to curb car crashes at it’s busiest intersections, the city of Austin has enhanced it’s infrastructure by adding bold stripes, Twister looking polka dots and buffers throughout the city.


This graphic approach is an affordable way to reclaim safe spaces for pedestrians and is a parallel solution that’s already up and running in New York and LA. While finding a harmonious relationship between cars and humans isn’t an easy feat, adding safeguards where possible is an important move when considering the future growth and appeal for walking cities in America and around the world.


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