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How to Make Infographics Playful


When my office was in Chinatown, I was a huge fan of the food delivery startup, Maple. Aside from their gorgeous app (a standard I would share when discussing digital ease of use), the food would arrive in elegant biodegradable packaging and cover all of the bases for a healthy, affordable filling lunch.

Now that I live and work in Brooklyn, I rarely use the service, but still get their newsletter. This week, it appears they’ve introduced business accounts in an effort to streamline office ordering…which makes sense. There have been countless nights in ad offices where we’ve all piled on to a singular mega order. Of course Maple wants in on that.

Today’s post isn’t about the prowess of this new business move, it’s more about the playful gif that arrived at the bottom of the email notification. Using chickpeas and green peas, their designer concocted an adorable graph that communicates growth and happiness through healthy ingredients. It resonated, as often times an effort like this falls flat. Here are a few screenshots I strung together to communicate their story. I love it, just like the service.

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