Pattern Pulp

Color: Hawt Pink

Hot pink is one of those amazing colors that I don’t want to taint by talking about. But coming off of a month-long project that allowed me to only look at kelly green, black and white, I had to balance my brain by giving “hawt” pink some love. For me, it’s the perfect accent: I incorporate it into my life as artwork on my walls and in my accessories, but remain muted in tone otherwise. I’m always amazed and impressed by people who can use it as a focal point and primary color. Check out these links and get your hawt pink on!

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1. Silke Neumann Apartment | 2.  Marcel Gomez Photo | 3.  Aerial Views by Bernhard Lang | 4. Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italia | 5. Del Kathryn Barton | 6. Christopher Wool | 7. Street Style: Hot Pink Sweater

Coverage by Valerie Gnaedig

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