Pattern Pulp

Color: Evergreen Country Living

As much love as Brooklynites have for their borough, it sometimes seems as if everyone here is trying to escape to the greener side. I often find myself working on a website and then BAM I’m looking at real estate I can’t afford in the middle of nowhere, Maine. How did I leave photoshop and get to this Tumblr of photographs of fields? Mysterious. In this week’s post, I’m embracing my imaginary country life.

   *            *            *

1. Olivia Bee Photography | 2. Untitled by Magnetic Elements | 3. Andean Mule : Personal Photograph  | 4. Elena Kholkina : Norway  | 5. Debbie Carlos Poster | 6. Patryce Bak Sight Unseen

Coverage by Valerie Gnaedig

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