Pattern Pulp

Color: Heavy Blues & Warm Whites

The warm weather has brought with it clear blue skies and magnificent white blooms. The flowers on the magnolia tree on my street are in full swing, and last week, while on vacation in the German countryside, I noticed that the snowdrops had unveiled their white skirts. There is something about the combination of cyan blue and warm white that evokes the feeling of a cool breeze and warm sun. So let’s enjoy this color combination and bask in the glow of having spring upon us…at least until that freak April snow.

   *            *            *

1. Lake Constance overlooking Austrian Alps | 2. Royal Copenhagen Contrast Mug | 3. Almedahls Herring Fabric | 4. Blue and Bleached Shirt  | 5. Wunderkammer’s Embroidered Cyanotype | 6. Blooms on Kane Street

Coverage by Valerie Gnaedig


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