Pattern Pulp

Color: Clementine, Your Secret Weapon

We are taking just a slight detour this week and going from peach to clementine. What’s the diff? Who cares? Clementine is a brighter, warmer color than its airier peach counterpart. It’s a color I rarely use or see in design work, especially web design, but when it’s used right it is powerful and stops me in my tracks. I was recently struggling to find the perfect arrow color for a mainly black and white site and somehow this clementine color was the perfect fit. Clementine is the new black? Doubt it, but it sure is a good secret weapon.

   *            *            *

1. Patina Identity by Mucca | 2. Elephant Magazine by Studio 8 | 3. Florida Citrus Bouquet by Amy Merrick | 4. Clementine Summer T-Shirt | 5. Carrot Juice | 6. Miu Miu 1994 Spring Summer

Coverage by Valerie Gnaedig


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