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Book Review: Precursor & Tatyana

On my most recent trip to Japan I made my way out to Daikanyama, an indie pocket within Tokyo where a new bookshop recently opened. The visit was pretty memorable, as the establishment known as Tatyana was an interesting spin on the brick and mortar institution of literary commerce. With impecable curation, decor and ambiance, people are already saying this institution sets a new industry benchmark. One of the books I lost an hour to was Precursor.

The compilation showcases a vast array of young designers moving fluidly between established creative titles. From graphic designer and advertiser to street artist, video director, typographer, illustrator, product designer, and musician. Despite or because of the way they work, they are profoundly innovative and remarkably determined at realizing their creative visions and personal style.

Precursor introduces outstanding young design talent from around the world. Although regional creative differences and design traits still exist, the examples collected truly speak to the Patten Pulp aesthetic.

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