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Book Review: Mapping Patterns of Information

Our ability to generate and gather information now exceeds our capacity to understand it. Researchers, scientists and designers around the world have been working to make sense of the multitude of today’s complex networks. Using innovative mixtures of colors, symbols, graphics, algorithms and interactivity, they have managed to clarify, and often beautify, the clutter. Some may say that this process can be seen as creating the syntax of a new language. Manuel Lima’s Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information was conceived and created to be the first dictionary of this new lexicon.

Showcasing and analyzing the variety of contemporary visual depictions of complex networks, the book also covers their historical predecessors, grounds for recent popularity, as well as exploring the ramifications of a new age of infinite interconnectedness. From representing networks of friends on Facebook to depicting interactions among proteins in a human cell, Visual Complexity presents one hundred of the most interesting examples of information-visualization by the field’s leading practitioners. Click here to purchase.


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