Pattern Pulp

Fossil Fools with Leslie Friedman


Providence, RI is popular for many reasons these days. Beyond the glitz and glamor of the student bodies, anyone who’s walked down Thayer, Wickendon or South Main St. can attest to the vibrant poster culture that’s organically grown from within the local creative community. Leslie Friedman, a Providence native and emerging artist, has been printmaking since her early days at Brown University. Friedman’s most recent collection, titled, Fossil Fools, embodies all that Providence printmaking represents: an appreciation of industrial craft, the belief in DIY/punk ethos and the acknowledgment of political and historical significance in promoting civil liberties. Through humor, bold color and collage, her serigraphs are funny, honest, expressive compositions that awaken the democratic spirit. “The Fossil Fools Project is all about America’s dependence on gasoline and cars. Each piece addresses one part of the problem. Some people see quilts, others see Mandalas. The topic explored is the American side of the issue.”

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