Pattern Pulp

Nienke Sybrandy

We first noticed Dutch artist Nienke Sybrandy when we spotted her beautiful sheer curtains of trees composed in code that are now used at the James New York hotel. Her work is consistently interesting, innovative and playful and traverses mediums to explore her ideas.

“My work comes from observations of everyday life: small events in the house, the streets, actions and traditions: I walk around it and hold it upside down. My favorite material, and muse, are objects that are so obvious that they have to be overlooked. I lift them out of the shadows and put them in the light, so that their hidden meaning is visible. Each object is a carrier of stories and symbols. The smallest thing has a great theme. A nail is a sign of hope and desire and photocopied a bunch of flowers is about the same mortality as seventeenth-century painting. By using everyday objects can be small to the large unite and make a connection between today and earlier. This process of observing, analyzing and reinterpreting taking shape in images and objects by their “personal” story by no means obvious.”

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