Pattern Pulp

Leslie Friedman

Leslie Friedman was born in Providence, and while she currently lives in Philly, she still considers RI her home. During the summer of 2002, Leslie learned how to silk-screen at the basement printmaking workshop of the lauded arts non-profit, AS220. She received a BA in Political Science from Brown University in 2005 where she concentrated her studies in political theory and civil liberties. From 2005 to 2007, Friedman lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and built a printmaking studio in the historic neighborhood of San Telmo. She describes these years as fundamental to her maturation from poster maker to print artist. In the Fall of 2009, she began an MFA program in printmaking at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia.

Friedman’s alter-ego, LesliePVD, embodies the values embedded in Providence’s printmaking culture: the appreciation of industrial craft, the belief in DIY/punk ethos and the acknowledgment of the political and social historical significance of prints in promoting civil liberties. By blurring the line between rock n’ roll posters and fine art, LesliePVD aims to inspire spontaneous discussion and debate over complex contemporary environmental and social issues. Through humor, bold colors and collage, her serigraphs are funny, awkward, honest, expressive combinations of texture that awaken the democratic spirit.

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