Pattern Pulp

Geoff McFetridge

Geoff McFetridge is a true design pioneer, not to mention a wicked multi-tasker.  “He is part of a new generation of designers who are eager to leap the old divides between image and product, design and art, the flat page and the moving image,” says Paul Thompson, director of the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum.  Patten Pulp caught up with McFetridge to talk about his design process, as well as Pottok, the wallpaper company that he founded with his wife Sarah.  Pottock marries McFetridge’s unique pattern skills with environmentally-friendly papers and water-based inks.  The abstract and breathtaking results have papered walls from The Montalban Theater in Hollywood to the well-known Colette boutique in Paris.  Check out our Q+A for a glimpse into the mind of this skateboarding wunderkind.

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