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Coralie Bickford-Smith

Bookworms and design blog aficionados have likely all come across the gorgeous cover art of Coralie Bickford-Smith. The senior cover designer at Penguin Books has thoughtfully and beautifully interpreted a slew of classics into modern cloth-bound book covers that appeal to both the modern eye and the literary diehards. Indeed, her reinterpreted classics have captured the hearts of many. Of course, her work extends beyond the clothbound classics and a run through her website is a testament to her  talent.

It’s clear that her work is imbued with a sense of fun and joy. Recently, Coralie’s been sharing her experience as a book cover designer with students at the London College of Communication, encouraging a sense of play into the design processes.

Coralie’s book covers have been recognized by the AIGA (NY) and D&AD (UK) and have featured in a numerous international magazines and newspapers including The New York Times, Vogue and The Guardian. Her work with Penguin Classics on the clothbound series attracted worldwide attention and harks back to the world of Victorian bindings and a golden age of book binding.

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