Pattern Pulp

Christopher David Ryan

Christopher David Ryan is a graphic artist and illustrator who also describes himself as a daydreamer, pseudo-scientist, wanna-be astronaut and untrained intellectual. His wide variety of interests span science, the universe, the human condition and any natural phenomena that occurs in art and design. All of these factors have a major influence on his work, which is easy to see when looking through his expansive and abundantly diverse portfolio. His work has attracted the eye and commissions of Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Gap, Osh Kosh, Howies, SixPack France, Ubiquity Records, Element Skateboards, Obedient Sons, Graniph, New York Times Magazine, Kate Spade, MiH Jeans and The San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival among others.

With all of the bold, imaginative and intelligent work he does under his own CDR moniker, as well the more progressive graphic work he does through his one-man studio  Atmostheory, the collaborative studio More & Co. and as a partner and founder of Monolathe Recordings, it becomes incredibly difficult to pick a grouping of favorites that cover his diverse spectrum of work. We picked out a selection for you to peruse, and urge you to dive into the creative rabbit hole of his site to get the full effect of all he can do.

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