Pattern Pulp

Ana Montiel

Ana Montiel is quite the talent and a verifiable Pattern Pulp favorite. Her love of art and pattern has been a part of her world since her childhood, where she drew patterns and textures on any and every surface. After attending an art-based high school and college, Montiel settled into work as an art director.

In 2008, she created the pop-up design studio Alan The Gallant and Pattern Tales, a neo-ornamental brand of goods. Her patterns swept the web, catching eyes and impressing many. Since then, she’s been focusing on a solo career as “some sort of artist/designer hybrid,” and creating her own stunning pattern work in addition to some exciting commercial collaborations. It’s her keen eye for the colors, textures and patterns inherent in nature and life that make her style so abundantly unique, engaging and elegant. Browsing through her colorful portfolio is nothing short of inspiring and we loved getting to know her a little better in this charming video autobiography.

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