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Zine Review: Our Show with Elliot Aronow

In his 8 years living in New York, Elliot Aronow has made quite the name for himself as a Creative Director, TV and radio personality and a well-respected scene maker & cultural hustler. Elliot is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of RCRD LBL, the world’s first free and legal curated download site. He currently produces and hosts a talk & variety show called OUR SHOW with ELLIOT ARONOW that has featured James Murphy/LCD Soundsystem, Vampire Weekend, Das Racist, TV On The Radio, and many more.

Aronow made a bold step last winter and turned his digital show into a seasonal arts & culture zine. An interesting mix of design, food, fashion & advice, Our Show maintains an inclusive, personal voice and pleasantly practical vibe.

“Brands are still having a really hard time talking to a guy like me–they’re addressing either the millionaire, up-in-the-sky, über-luxury guy alienating culture, or it’s total schlock… The era of quick-buck, over-saturated lifestyle marketing is coming to an end. The people they’re trying to reach are pretty damned sophisticated by this point; we’ve been messaged for almost a decade.” (fastco)

Elliot enjoys the tactile component of the zine and how you can flip through it with your hands and pass it through a network of friends. Unlike the internet, which can promote a passive sense of absorption and interaction, Our Show the zine invites itself into your life and circle of friends in real time.


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