Pattern Pulp

Do It: Sketching while Traveling


Next time you’re a passenger in a car, on the train, in an plane, or simply walking about, take a sketchbook and a fat black marker along with you. Carve out some time to focus on something spectacularly ordinary – a broken brick, an awkward divot in the sidewalk, a beautiful asymmetrical flower, the window grid of the office building across the street…the clouds in the sky.

Draw it. Draw it again. One more time.

Keep at it, until you’ve filled the page and have a few angles that look interesting. Before you know it, you’ll have enough material to weave a themed pattern together from your sketch.

When you’re done, we’d love to see it…share on #mypatternstudio. Also…for more prompt ideas, please do visit My Pattern Studio where you can pick up a book and challenge yourself to 49 more exercises!


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