Pattern Pulp

When Art & Technology Go Social

I get thrown on countless marketing teams throughout the year- that’s the gig when you’re freelance. Sometimes I’m tasked with brainstorming creative strategies for social media content, other times I play matchmaker for brands and artists. Though a majority of the time, I’m behind the wacom tablet designing digital campaigns, collaborating with UX and UI designers, trying to redesign branded platforms that are cool, useful and fun to explore.

Generally, between meetings, jokes and nerdy design tips, we’re all trying to make something as cool as this new app from The Creators Project. Using three artistic styles, the app mines your friends and newsfeed to build a unique piece of art specifically tailored to you. If you’re so inclined, you can have it 3D printed, very cool, right? Have a look, explore, and update your profile pic already.


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