Pattern Pulp

Voutsa's Hand Painted Wallpaper

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I have a soft spot for wallpaper – it’s the easiest and most direct way to add personality to a room. Is it an investment? Sure. Do you want to install if you’re renting? Maybe not. But if you’re able to make the commitment, the payoff is creative gold. I recently discovered Voutsa while browsing through instagram – their collaboration with The Sabah Dealer caught my eye. The texture, movement and color palette in each pattern conveys luxury in the most playful way – reminiscent of the loose painterly vibe found at The Carlyle or Crosby Hotels…but a hint more modern.

Based in New York, and founded by George Venson, the brand has evolved over the past year, with a nice array of collaborations, ranging from a partnership with Anthropology to custom work with ASH, to a limited edition shoe extension with The Sabah Dealer. I’m excited to see what’s next, as these textures feel really timeless. I’m a fan, are you?


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