Pattern Pulp

Visualizing Global Warming


Artists are sponges. They live, breathe and consume the world around them while figuring out how to add to the conversation. One topic that can’t be ignored is global warming and we’re seeing the visualization of this in the creative arts more than ever. Above, is an incredible handmade quilt from the Brooklyn based textile studio, The Haptic Lab.

We’ve written about their work in the past, but it was this recent instagram post that really grabbed our attention. Below the post, Emily Fischer, the founder, described the piece stating the gravity of the problem. This massive project describes sea ice loss in the arctic from 1979 to 2080, the approximate span of my lifetime. Climate change is real.

iniy-sanche and martin-across

In addition to collage, craft and home, these fashion pieces by Iniy Sanche and Martin Across translate a similar message. Both are unique and beautiful interpretations of their view on the world – one that incorporates colors, continents and geographic motifs.


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