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Using Instagram to Spot Trends


For better or worse, Instagram keeps me in the loop. Anyone else feel this way?

From observing work-in-progress from inspiring creatives to following design shows I can’t attend, the influx of imagery is really useful and pretty inspiring. Oftentimes, it helps confirm theories that have been floating around in my head- in regard to trends popping up in various design communities around the world, (say in Australia, Helsinki and L.A), and also leads me to new ideas and talent. It’s a pretty useful tool beyond selfies and party pics.

Yesterday, I took a screenshot of the Phillips Auction House invite. It seems fairly standard at first, but I loved the combination of camo and metallic in an upscale layout. This artistic commerce pays homage to Andy Warhol, presenting part of a timeless series. This lead me along the path of neon camo and got me thinking about where it’s popping up this season. You can always expect reinterpretations, so it’s worth following the art world to stay abreast, if not ahead of curb. Art always leads fashion (in my humble opinion).

Here we have sneakers, (bags and wallets) from Valentino. The kicks straddle a unisex vibe, but are sold in the men’s department. This chambray/camo/drawstring pullover by General Idea is another commercial, yet creative direction for guys that feels fresh this season. If you’re looking to simply add elements of the concept to your wall or iPhone, check out Joe Van Wetering’s work. His prints speak to the camo-loving monochromatist.


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