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Tuesday's Gallery Picks


Each artist in this week’s gallery picks has cultivated their own unique language of expression in their respective bodies of work.

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1. Constance Lowe’s exhibition, Air to Ground, consists of highly textural geometric collages. These works are all part of Lowe’s Garden City series, 2013 to the present, which, formally and conceptually, evolve from US geological landsat (NASA land satellite) photographs that depict the circle-and-grid-shaped center-pivot irrigation farming patterns that dot the Midwest’s landscape at Ruiz-Healy Art
2. Using the concept of the graffiti tag as a starting point to craft a secret language of symbols, RETNA’s canvasses are messages known to him and his inner circle alone. Each block of text is a sophisticated system of hieroglyphs, calligraphy and illuminated script. “Articulate & Harmonic Symphonies of the Soul” includes RETNA’s most important pieces of recent years and a careful selection of his newest works on canvas by the artist at Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery
3. Important late works of Serge Poliakoff are juxtaposed with a small selection of works from 1950 and 1951, in order to illustrate the circular nature of his practice at Timothy Taylor Gallery
4. Liz Nielsen’s work in Wolf Moon is a contemporary application of one of the best known and most engaging avant-garde photographic processes, the photogram, whereby an image is created without a camera by placing objects directly onto photographic paper and exposing them to light at Denny Gallery
5. The Musical Box, features two pairings of artists:John Newman and Cary Smith; and Evie Falci and Robert Otto Epstein at Jeff Bailey Gallery
6. On the 20th anniversary of Nancy Graves’ death, Mitchell-Innes & Nash presents work from the first half of her artistic career, 1969 to 1982, and features painting, drawing, sculpture, and film. For Graves, the revelations of contemporary scientific research and the excitement of new discoveries were integral to the artist’s artistic practice at Mitchell-Innes & Nash

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