Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


We’re ushering in 2015 with bright colors, bold graphics and deep implications.

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1. “Staycation,” titled from the idea of temporarily checking out of reality without actually going anywhere, compels the viewer to consider whether today’s current techno-cultural revolution in San Francisco, where the “we’re changing the world” mantra is as omnipresent as it was in 1968, and to ask what, if anything, is different? at Wolfe Contemporary
2. Rendered with a precise freehand technique, and without the use of tape, Warren Isensee’s work manages to avoid the anonymous, impersonal appearance often associated with hardedge painting. His unexpected juxtapositions of vibrant color are visually intense via Danese Corey
3. Andrew Falkowki’s work examines the relationship between studio production and media outputat Rosamund Felson
4. Spatial Planes includes a selection of artists whose print-based work plays with the visual and conceptual representation of space. In addition to the abstract and often geometric imagery activating multiple planes and pulling the viewer into contemplative space, the works are new statements on perception, an ongoing discourse of artists and theorists at Bluestar Contemporary Art Museum
5. REFRACTION. THE IMAGE OF SENSE brings together artists who accentuate how art operates in an era of new media, in a world which is organically and indiscernibly both human and non-human at the same time. at Blain Southern
6. Carlos Oviedo’s works speak to the fragility of social icons in pop culture and the representation of self and identity through the prism of fame and glory at Galeria GUM


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