Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


Get drenched in color, as this week’s artists apply brights boldly over geometry and planes.

*            *            *

1. Aikaterini Gegisian’s new work is built around the concept and practice of collage or – in a more cinematic sense, the ‘jump-cut’ at Tin Type Gallery
2. Rachel Siporin, a painter for several decades, discovered color reduction woodcuts in 2011. Her latest exhibition investigates personal narratives that include bathers by the shore, singers under the spotlight, and figures against the backdrop of natural disasters at Bowery Gallery
3.Jeffrey Beauchamp is a trickster with prodigious skills and a wry sense of humor. Every painting is an improvisation, the artist surfing the imagination and remaining loose enough to respond to images and impulses that reveal themselves at Seager Gray
4.Through stream-of-consciousness painting, Doze Green creates fractured imagery to convey infinite possibilities at Jonathan Levine Gallery
5.Ricardo Mazal’s paintings evolved from a recent journey to Bhutan. The work draws on previous explorations into themes of life, death, transformation and regeneration at Sundaram Tagore
6.Small is Beautiful challenges contemporary artists working in all media to produce works with a fixed economy of scale, each piece measuring approximately 9 x 7 inches at Flowers Galleries

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