Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


Exploring the ephemeral with unique takes on traditional crafts and techniques .

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1. Victoria Reichelt’s paintings and Carly Fischer’s sculptures explore a common vocabulary around the precarious medium of paper at This is No Fantasy
2. Yusuke Asai paints with dirt, an ephemeral, living medium at Rice Gallery
3. The sculptures in Théâtre de la Mémoire are reminiscent of meticulously detailed dollhouses. Giai-Miniet views his boxes as a metaphor for the human condition, which is comprised of biological functions, as well as a desire to achieve intellectual and spiritual enlightenment. at Jonathan Levine Gallery
4. Celebrating 5 years of We Make Carpets’ ability to turn most anything into a stunning carpet at MU
5. Multi-generational in scope, Thread Linesbrings together those pioneers who—challenging entrenched modernist hierarchies—first unraveled the distinction between textile and art with a new wave of contemporary practitioners who have inherited and expanded upon their groundbreaking gestures at The Drawing Center
6. Cynthia Ona Innis explores environmental transitions and shifting terrains above and below the surface, from the geysers of Iceland to the fault lines of the Eastern Sierras through the manipulation and layering of textiles at Traywick Contemporary

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