Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


The artist’s in this week’s gallery picks pause time in motion, reflecting on the nuance of emotional states and of life changes.

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1. Chris Gwaltney’s ruminations on time in these paintings are reflective of this new stage in his life after the children are grown and both his own father and father-in-law have passed at Seager Gray
2. Jenny Morgan builds on the technical intricacies of her hyperrealism by wearing down, scrubbing away or painting over many of the features of her subjects. For the artist, wearing away at the subjects is at times an emotional roller coaster that is derived from the personal relationship and feelings she has towards the painting’s subject at Purdue Galleries
3. Sissi Farassat isolates each photograph’s subject with her handiwork, replacing the original background with a delicate overlay. By doing so, she blurs the distinction between the photograph and the object, the revealed and the concealed, and eliminates the subject from its original context at Houk Gallery
4. Vesod’s paintings represent frozen moments in time – entangled and linked with the present and future at C.A.V.E Gallery
5. Endless Summer continues Ian Francis’ ongoing investigation into contemporary issues facing the human condition, presenting a new body of identically-sized studies that capture suspended snapshots of modern life at The Outsiders
6. By painting from photographs instead of live models, Kai Samuels-Davis is able to utilize multiple images of the same person—or even images of different people—to create highly layered, dynamic portraits at Dolby Chadwick Gallery


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