Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


Patterns in life and art reign supreme in this week’s choice gallery picks.

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1. The active moment versus painting’s innate stillness is a central concern of Barnaby Furnas’ work at Victoria Miro
2. Barry McGee’s gallery-based art explores the contradiction central to his daily life—reconciling graffiti with an artistic practice at ICA Boston
3. Jovi Schnell’s pop-inspired lexicon of organic and mechanistic hybrids has expanded to include a combination of chance operations and pre-determined restraints via Gregory Lind Gallery
4. Sherry Karver’s work speaks directly to, and plays with, our uniquely post-post-modern alienation, an alienation born of just the right amount of too much information at Kim Foster Gallery
5. Howard Hodgkin disregards the classical polarities of abstraction and representation, past and present, canvas and frame at Gagosian
6. Rhys James says “there is something dark and wild and crazy about flowers, yet in wallpaper designs they are controlled in a pattern and prettified. In our culture women are also prettified – she is part of the floral background, part of the furniture in a way. She has become just another decorative interior thing.” at Kings Place


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