Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


This week’s gallery picks examine ideas about transcending limitations.

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1. Aside from sculpture, Thomas Campbell is well respected for his sewn works—multicolored pieces of paper, joined together. Campbell was inspired to start sewing paper by his friends Margaret Kilgallen and Barry McGee and began quilting in 1999 at Joshua Liner Gallery
2. Alec Egan visual language is aggressive and visceral, based in questions of authenticity and art historical myths and clichés at Western Project
3. Spencer Finch’s installation inspired medieval Books of Hours—beautiful, hand-painted works that served as personal prayer books for different times of the day and different periods of the year at The Morgan
4. Kim, Joon’s work explores themes of desire, memory, fragility and obsession using digitally rendered tattoos, porcelain, animal skins and human body parts at Sundaram Tagore
5. Koi No Yokan explores new relationships with artists in flourishing states of practice, either emerging or mid-career at 101/EXHIBIT
6. In  her new series, Colleen Philippi contemplates and addresses how our lives are alternately formed of chaos and our attempts to create order from such  chaos at Newzones

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