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Tuesday's Gallery Picks


It’s all about the narrative in this week’s gallery picks

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1. In his large-scale, multi-layered paintings, Sanjay Vora explores the realm of love, memory and nostalgia through a process of covering and retrieving representational, figurative scenes with layers of repetitive abstraction at Gallery Bergelli
2. With Morally Reprehensible, Vélez mimics the way the majority of art critics distribute information today at 101/EXHIBIT
3. Todd James toes the thin line between erotic and ironic, capturing his Junoesque and voluptuous women during their private, secret moments taking place behind closed doors. Freely, together with their cats, they read, drink tea, practice yoga, smoke cigarettes, and relax: fragments of quotidian life that unfold daily behind the scenes at Galleria Patricia Armocida
4. Jessica Harrison’s tattooed porcelain figurines at Galerie LJ
5. Collectively known as the “American Burden,” Paul Endres Jr.’s series depicts a single sprawling narrative that jumps back and forth in time. Setting everything in motion is an unexplained cataclysmic event that has occurred “off-screen,” says the writer/artist at Childs Gallery
6. For the protagonist of each of the Case Studies paintings, Hernan Bas has created an individual narrative and has visualized the subject’s journey of personal discoveryat Lehmann Maupin

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