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Tuesday’s Gallery Picks



This week’s gallery picks explore relationships, dialogue and documentation.

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1. Han Bing’s painting practice is informed by the daily experience of walking through cityscapes, construction sites and architectural exteriors. Often reconstructed from the arbitrary and unpredictable forms that develop in industrial residues, the shapes and textures in her paintings are accumulated in layers between transparent and opaque marks, and then sealed with pronounced, defined edges. In this process, building facades and surface treatments become flat, foundation at Night Gallery
2. Giving form and color to the complexities of intimate relationships and personal moments of great change, Kristine Moran’s paintings draw on her observations of the social dynamics at play within a childhood clique at Daniel Faria Gallery
3. WACKing the Piñata strikes up a dialogue about how Feminism and The Feminine is evolving, non definable and uncontainable at ltd los angeles
4. Influenced by nature and popular culture, Von’s artwork is both detailed and abstract, flawlessly walking the line between surrealism and documentary portraiture capturing a mood in what appears to be a fleeting moment in time at Stolen Space
5. Each artist featured in Contexture shares a commitment to a deeper exploration of texture and surface through a variety of source material and media. Paper, textiles, beads, paint, and found objects are intricately and painstakingly worked into compelling narratives and manifestations of broader commentaries on contemporary culture, identity, and modern life at Jane Lombard Gallery
6. Robert Hardgrave’s Blues Blues, Slower than my Heart Beat at Gallery 16

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