Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks

This week’s gallery picks tell their stories through the human form.

*            *            *

1. Dustin Yellon’s fascinating figures encased in glass at Richard Heller Gallery
2. Erik Jones clothes his figurative subjects in brilliantly patterned areas of color and geometry. Superimposing the graphic precision of these expanses against beautifully rendered portraits, the artist offers surrealistic images through the collusion of unexpected relationships at Thinkspace
3. For this exhibition, Todd James features his women: a colorful cast of warriors, sunbathers, sorcerers and girlfriends that have populated his work from its earliest years through today at Sandra Gering Inc.
4. Yinka Shonibare’s Making Eden interprets literally the notion of overthrowing the current social order in favor of an imagined “better place” at Blain|Southern
5. Recently, Richard J. Oliver’s portraits have crossed into the dark, brooding world of Grimm’s fairytales and surrealistic subjects that help convey the emotion and tragedy of our world’s children at Known Gallery
6. Combining stylistic elements from several different artists who cross multiple generations, George Condo’s portraits subvert traditional practice and only infrequently take as their subject real people; instead, the works often portray a fantastical assembly of characters derived specifically from the artist’s own imagination at Simon Lee Gallery

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